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An index of places we've been, and helpful things to know about them.

  • Reservations open two years in advance.
  • $100/seat, minimum 2 adults, 5 youth
  • Must be 14 or above.
  • Elevations above 10000 ft. Raton region of New Mexico.
  • Hear there's ranching/wrangling facilities and opportunity too.
  • Physically demanding.
Lost Maples
  • Must book a year in advance to get desired date.
  • Excellent hiking practice for pre-Philmont scouters: rocky terrain, camping on the trail, significant variations in elevation.
Enchanted Rock
  • Book up to a year in advance to get desired dates.
  • Excellent hiking practice: rocky terrain, camping on the trail, significant variations in elevation.
Fort Parker
  • Historical Fort in hiking distance > 3 miles away.
  • Facilities for canoing and swimming on a good-sized lake.
  • Book early for group camping facility. Getting more popular.
  • $15 for 3 hours per canoe. Includes paddles, PFDs.
  • Very muddy lake bottom--not ideal for shallow swimming.
  • Good fishing area by primitive group camp facility.
  • Much wildlife.
Colorado Bend

SNA Hill Country
  • Extremely dry terrain.
  • Horse, biking, and hiking trails -- long distances, modest variation in elevation.
Camp Alexander
  • Beautiful camp, stream, facilities at the foot of the Rockies.
  • Well-organized staff and support.
  • Provides for both high-adventure (biking, hiking, climbing, skiing, ...) and varied activities for merit badge camp--riflery, archery, canoing, climbing, camping, etc.
  • Pikes Peak Council--not far from Colorado Springs.
Sid Richardson Scout Ranch
  • Lake Bridgeport
  • Long distances between activity centers.
  • Strong on watersports, riflery, shotgun, archery.
  • Hot.
  • Well-regarded high-adventure program too.
Camp Worth
  • Heart attack hill--quite the hike up to the dining hall depending on where your camp site is.
El Rancho Cima Horseshoe Bend
  • Floods seasonally these days.
El Rancho Cima Horse Camp
  • Horseback riding.
Lost Pines
  • Hot, hot, hot. Those pines block the breeze.
  • Long trails cool, well-shaded.
  • A few bikers, but mostly joggers from the region.
  • Long and short trails to choose from.
Sam Houston State Park
  • Hiking and biking over to Nails Creek park and back again.
Pedernales Falls

Buffalo River Arkansas
  • 50 miles or more of canoing.
Quintana Beach
  • Nearby Coastguard facility can be tapped for facilities and equipment tour.
  • Community annually places Christmas trees to help re-establish beach.
  • Shipping lane for some huge boats.
Bryan Lake
  • Excellent introductory biking trails.
  • Sailing and boating can be arranged with TAMU club.
Lake Somerville
  • Boating, canoing place -- bring your own.
  • Camping. Small, not much to hike too.
Camp Howdy
  • Always looking for service to maintain trails, equipment, bridges, pads, and environment.
  • Nearby. Good for a hike from home to an overnight camp.
Camp Arrowmoon
  • Near Hearne. ~23 mile drive there; drop-off at Rabbit Run & TX-OSR makes a good 10 mi hike.
  • Good for advancement.
  • Webelos Woods and Camporee spring and fall [recruiting] activities occur here.