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Sleeve. PVC pipe segment set into the ground for holding a flag. \
  • Inner diameter nominal 1 1/4" (actual 1 3/16")--this is the important dimension--the flag pole must fit. 
  • Outer diameter nominal 1 1/2" (actual 1 5/8"). 
  • 18" sleeve length good for soft, deep loam or liquid clay. 12" length good for dry, packed clay.
Plug. A cap to cover the hole when no flag is present.
  •  Plug insert nominal outer diameter 1 1/4" (same as flag pole).
Pole. Galvanized electrical conduit used to hoist the flags. Last purchased Crawford electrical supply ~$7 per 10 ft piece.
  • 10' galvanized electrical conduit.
  • Outer diameter 1 1/8".
  • Inner diameter 1".
Suggestion: cut down poles 1 maybe 2 ft. 9' or 8' flags will fit better in most available vehicles with less risk of damage.

Screw. 12-14 x 1" self-driving galvanized. Prep: drill 1/8" hole, then drive screw to hold flag by grommets.

Garden auger. 18" length. 2" diameter.

Useful Tools

When making a flag run, these supplies come in handy.

Paint. When a hole is hard to find, paint a blue or yellow line on the curb to mark the position of the hole.

Mallet and wood block. Useful to sink the PVC in a tight hole drilled by the auger.

Crowbar. When conducting sleeve maintenance or replacement. The tooth of the crowbar can be inserted into the sleeve, then levered against the sleeve wall with enough force that you can both spin and pull the sleeve. Works better than pliers.

Pliers. Helpful to lift a stuck cap. Helpful to pull a sleeve up [for replacement or adding sand to the hole to raise it].

Drill. Useful with the auger to sink a new hole. Need something with more power and durability than current drill for hard-packed clay/sand/caliche.

Rebar. When a hole has not been drilled, can pound it in and still post a flag. Useful as a ground prod to search for a hidden hole. Useful to clean mud out of the end of a flag or a piece of retrieved sleeve.

ScrewdriverUseful as a ground prod to search for a hidden hole. Useful to clean mud out of the end of a flag or a piece of retrieved sleeve. Useful to work a stuck cap loose from its sleeve.

Sand. Raise sinking sleeves by adding sand for fill.
Recommendation when seating new sleeves: leave 1/4" to 1/2" above the ground line. Makes the hole more visible, yet rides under any lawn mower blade.

Gloves. A layer of protection for your hands--especially on muddy/wet days.

Towel or rag. Aid to remove excess water, grime, mud for the wet days.

Hack saw. Cut PVC into appropriate length flag-holder sleeves. Anywhere from 9 to 18 inches depending on soil condition. Clays can bear more weight per length. Deep loam less so.

Tool Replacement

Consider these higher power, longer lasting  equivalents when it comes time to replace the current drill.

Makita XRH05 36V ($359 Home Depot Sep 2015)
Makita XRH04 18V ($240 Home Depot Sep 2015)
Flog the current one for a while longer.

Looked into "garden" augers, but those are--in general--more heft, power, and expense than needed (except in the case of caliche and rocky soil).

Flag physical count

23 jf 2015 Nov 12 stowage
23 th 2015 Nov 12 stowage
24 df 2015 Nov 11 scout closet at StT
45 df 2015 Nov 1 scout closet at StT
95 df 2015 Sep 11 scout closet at StT

Route Maintenance Log

2015 Nov 11
  • maintenance: 504 Guernsey. Former hole gravelled over. Re-drilled to right of brick-red side walk. df
2015 Nov 9
  • added new: 215 Lee--drilled, applied 18" sleeve and cap. To right of driveway as you face the house. df
2015 Nov 6
  • added new: 303 Dexter--already had flag slot of correct diameter, replaced 12" sleeve with 18"  df
  • added new: 1814 Hondo--left of sidewalk, drilled new hole, applied 18" sleeve
  • maintenance: confirmed and reviewed--1301 Timm, 302 Fidelity, 200 Suffolk--all GOOD
2015 Sep 9
  • added new 304 Timber  df
  • maintenance: drilled new and 2nd hole on 1301 Timm, Glade side
  • added new 1220 Orr
  • added new 505 Dexter
  • maintenance: 605 Guernsey--placed 18" sleeve
  • maintenance: 302 Fidelity--replace 12" with 18" sleeve
  • added new: 1007 Winding--two holes--left 1 12" sleeve (gravel underlayer); right 1 18" sleeve
  • added new: 213 Pershing--right of drive, gm took care of it
  • maintenance: 200 Suffolk--placed 18" sleeve rather than 12", sanded (muddy)
  • added new: 906 Park Place--placed 12" sleeve rather than 9"
  • added new: 311 Lee--gm took care of it
  • added new: 1813 Shadowwood--placed 12" sleeve, caliche underlayer
  • added new: 1215 Glade--right of drive, 18" sleeve placed