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Summer Camp - Worth Ranch

posted Jun 26, 2012, 8:38 AM by Don Gilman   [ updated Oct 11, 2015, 10:41 PM by David Fackler ]
Worth Ranch was one of the best places that I have been to. Worth Ranch actually sent us someone to help us around the camp for the week, and we couldn’t have gotten a better guide than Philip Cisneros. Philip was very kind and compassionate toward the troop. Whenever we asked questions, he answered them sincerely. Philip showed us our campsite, the dining hall, the pool, and a majority of the locations that the merit badges would be at. The meals were always delicious. In the morning, we always got something different each day, and we also got to have cereal or a poptart with it. At lunch, you could always expect to have something nice and warm, and if you didn’t like what was on the menu, you could always wait in the 10 person line for a PB&J sandwich or 2. Dinner was always the best meal, and again, if you didn’t like what they were serving, you could have more PB&J. They had the good deserts, like popsicles. The first merit badge that I took was Lifesaving at the pool. The pool was cool, calm, and crystal clear. When I got into the pool with my goggles on, I could practically see all the way to the other end of the pool. It was just so amazing what it looked like. In lifesaving, we did different saves with people drowning, also with different kinds of drowning victims, tired, exhausted, etc. Along with that, we used many different types of equipment. We used a long pole, rope, a ring buoy, a weighted line (a ring buoy attached to rope), and lots of other stuff. Now, my second class was astronomy, and boy did I see some amazing things. We had star gazing parties at 9:30 p.m. to look at the stars, the constellations, the moon, and lots of galaxies that were so beautiful. Along with that was the fact that we got to look at how light goes through the telescope so we can look at it. My third class was Emergency Preparedness. Since E. Prep. (Emergency Preparedness) was going by a bit fast, we would always talk every now-and-then about different stuff, but we still learned about how to prepare for many different things that could happen in our homes, or outside. The last class I took was theater. The best part about that class to me was that we got to read Shakespeare. I had never read Shakespeare before in my life, so reading it was kind of difficult and very interesting. I read 3 Acts of A Midsummers Night Dream. I had really enjoyed the time that I was reading it. Shakespeare really put lots of time and effort making the scene become so visible in my head. Thursday was family night, so the Camp put up a Garrison Flag instead of their normal flag which is a few ten times smaller than the garrison flag, and for dinner that evening, we had brisket, baked beans, potato salad, and coal slaw (I’m pretty sure). Over all, I had really enjoyed coming the Worth Ranch, and would gladly come here again in the future.                                 Jarod Pratt

In late June Dr Martin and Mr.Gilman took most of the younger scouts up to Worth Ranch outside of Palo Pinto (near Mineral Wells) Texas for a hot week of camping, scout craft, swimming, merit badge workshops, hiking and HEAT! 
To see the galleries page here: 2012.06 Worth Ranch. The pictures are loaded in date/time order for the camera taking the picture.  

Campfire Sundown

\Group Portrait
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