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2011.12.02 Lost Maples

Photo Credits: Don Gilman

Eight Scouts and four adults explored Lost Maples during the last of the fall color change. We hiked in at night, setup camp on a slope, in the rain and got some rest after the drive from College Station. We were at Primitive Campsite "G".

On Saturday the temps were in the 50-60F range, and the skies were mostly clear. We hiked about eight miles with full packs from the Campsite up, down, around the park making our way to Campsite "A" where we were welcomed by another Troop from Wimberly. We found a huge flat, rockless area and setup camp just as the sun went down and the clouds moved in. Early Sunday morning, around 0400, the cold front arrived and without too much wind, too much rain, nor any thunder. We broke camp and hiked out to begin our drive home. 

It has been so dry and hot this year that everyone agreed that the rain was good, even as we figured out the best way to pack a wet tent and how to keep relatively dry and warm in the rain. 

 We earned two light yellow beads (regular yellow is 5 mi day hiking, light yellow is technical hiking) and a light blue bead (for 2 nights of rain).