Camping and other Activity

Camping activities are highlighted in BOLD AND CAPS.
As these activities approach, info is updated in the Google calendar.
For historical reference, some content is copied to the ScoutBook calendar.

    11 Veterans Day flag runs
    22-24 South Llano River OR Big Bend - Chisos
     8 B/CS Christmas Parade 1500-1700 University to Sulphur Springs on Texas 
    13 Downtown Bryan Christmas Parade 1830
    14 StELC St. Nick Fun Run 0700
    14-15 Lost Maples
        PLAN B Enchanted Rock
    19 Santa's Winter Wonderland - Thur

    Scouting for Food
    17-19 Enchanted Rock
            PLANB Lost Maples
    14-16 Port Aransas - Mustang Island -- catch whooping crane return for spring  PLAN B Inks Lake
    27-29 Camporee - activities TBD
   17-19 Galveston Island State Park - fishing, camping on the beach, get permit for Bolivar Peninsula if can't camp on beach
   1-3 Colorado Bend - caving in the area
       PLANB Inks Lake
   ?? Annual Planning
   21-27 Camp Daniel Boone - Cecil, NC (near Asheville) - 15 hr drive
    Webelo Woods
    StELC St. Nick Fun Run


Oct 18-20 Webelo Woods - firebuilding, bear bag raising, capture the flag
Oct 6 DSABV Buddy Walk - Millican Reserve 0700-1500 - service opportunity assist with parking, setting up gear, teardown
Sep 28 Cleanup day for Webelo Woods
Sep 11 Patriot Day flag runs
Sep 14-15 USS Lexington overnight - Corpus Christi
Jul 22 - Aug 3 PHILMONT TREK 722-S-01 and 722-S-02
Jul 6-8 DOUBLE LAKE Cold Springs
Jul 4 Independence Day flag service
Jun 14 Flags Day flag service
May 27 Memorial Day flag runs
May 14 Court of Honor - Breakfast for Dinner.
May 9 Round Table
May 7 Tue COH planning, 1st aid beam lift, committee meeting.
May 3-5 BIRCH CREEK - Fri night rain-out - no plan C. Cancelled. FYI: this park closes trails for 2 days with that much rain - conservation conscious.
Apr 11 1900 District Round Table  3991 E. 29th Street, BVCOG (Brazos Valley Council of Governments)
Mar 29-31 CAMPOREE
Mar 23 Arrowmoon cleanup prep for Camporee--day trip. Work in firebuilding, if not, then at Camporee.
Mar 23 Support for 7th Annual Down Syndrome Awareness SuperGala. @Brazos Center 1730 doors open.
Mar 21 1900hr District Round Table 3991 E. 29th Street, BVCOG (Brazos Valley Council of Governments)
Mar 2-3 Washington on the Brazos TX Independence event -- day trip
Feb 23 Merit badge university at TAMU.
Feb 22-24 Davison Campout  moved to Feb 1-3 from this date due to scheduling conflicts, then closed due to flooding
Feb 19 Regular Scout meeting St. Thomas Episcopal - Emergency Prep - first aid emphasis
Feb 18 Presidents Day flag runs
Feb 14 District Round Table--new location BCOG (Brazos Council of Governments) 4001 E. 29th Street
Feb 12 Regular Scout meeting St. Thomas Episcopal - Emergency Prep - Apollo 13 as example - search and rescue pattern
Feb 3 Scout Sunday 1330-1730 paintball at zoomz
Feb 2 Scouting for Food -- pick up donations, drop off at Food Bank (downtown Bryan) 0900-1100
Feb 1-3 Arrowmoon Campout
Jan 27-8 Scouting for Food -- put out donation request hangars
Jan 18-20 Hike Bastrop to Buescher -- 10-12 mi, windy, cold, no rain (yay).

Dec-Jan NYLT Camp Bovay TBD
Dec 14 Downtown Bryan Christmas Parade
Dec 7-9 ???
Dec 1 St. Thomas ELC Fun Run -- Interested in directing walkers and joggers or working a water table? Service hours opportunity.
Nov 16-20 Guadalupe (long break into Thanksgiving)
Oct 26-28 Webelos Woods -- registration open Sep 1 on council DoubleKnot event registration system
Oct 7 Downs Walk Millican Reserve
Sep 29 Cub'N'Family Rocket day at the GI museum. Rained out. Rescheduled for Oct 27 as part of Webelo Woods?
Sep 14-16 Canoeing San Marcos. Rescheduled 21-23. Rainout x2.
Sep 11. Patriots day flag run. Rained out solid.
Aug --
Jul 22-28 Camp Alexander, Colorado
Jun 30 10/20 mile hike
Jun Grand Canyon
May 29 Court of Honor
May 22 Annual planning meeting - bring your calendars
May 18-20 Mustang Island (not booked, 5 hr drive) -- re-worked at Apr 10, 2018 PLC -- moved to 11-12 Bovay, Houston
May 15 IOLS, advancement
May 11-12 Camp Bovay: overnight Fri, Saturday archery, get home.
    Bovay facilities are booked for range master training.
    Austin Colony facility was vandalized and is not yet repaired.
    Plan is to meet at Mays property with the archery gear we collectively own.
May 8 Campout planning, archery review/advancement
May 1 ILST (Introduction to Leadership Skills) training for youth -- applicable to adults too
Apr 24 New scouts attending, advancement, parent and scout orientation, gear assessment and availability
Apr 17 Troop Elections, advancement assessment, advancement work
Apr 6-8 Camporee at Camp Arrowmoon (30 min drive)
Mar 6 Court of Honor.
Mar 23-24 9-11 Caddo Lake (booked, 4 hr drive). TBD. Construction closed until June.
    Different dates to avoid university spring break.

    Camp Arrowmoon with ILST (introduction to leadership skills training)
Feb 10-11 Dinosaur Valley (booked, 2.75 hr drive)
Jan 30 Court of Honor. Moved to Mar 6
Jan 13-14 Pedernales (booked, 2.5 hr drive)

Dec 15-17 Waco day-trip and museum tour
Nov 17-19 Bastrop North Shore. Hiking at nearby McKinney (booked, 1 hr drive)
Oct 20-22 Webelo Woods at Camp Arrowmoon (30 min drive)
Sep 22-24 Lost Maples (booked, 4.5 hr drive)
Aug 26 Innerspace Caverns, troop cancelled for hurricane Harvey. Fackler family went up anyway.
Jun 18-24 Camp Pioneer
Jun 11-17 Philmont Trek 611-7D. Stay in Amarillo at the Kwahadi museum on both ends. Est. 27 mi (anybody still have the itinerary?)


Good ideas
  • TBD add agenda, links, map locators, distances to each item
  • drive in Saturday, stay later Sunday
  • have a non-weather affected option in the wings (museum, game night, rec center)
5K thru Disaster City - Run for Remembrance
Aransas Pass
Austin Riverside canoeing
Bat Cave
Big Bend
Bovay climbing tower
Bovay shooting range
Caddo lake - canoeing
Colorado Bend - caving in the area
Davis Mtn
Double Lake, Cold Springs
Enchanted rock camping, climbing, and beginner caving experience
Fort Boggy
Fort Parker canoeing
Galveston - Texas Seaport Museum - Elissa (3 masted barque)
Galveston Island State Park
Galveston beach or Bolivar peninsula
Gardiner State Park - Crystal cave, hiking, swimming
Grand Canyon
MacDonald observatory Star Party
Matagorda Island
McKinney Falls - short day hike, good camping options minutes away
Monarch butterfly migration path through TX -- totally dependent sequence of warm days in the the month of Feb
Mother Neff State park Waco
Mustang island
Order of the Arrow Ordeal/Service weekend
Palmetto State Park
Seminole Canyon
Sam Houston National Forrest - horseback riding
Santa Anna National Wildlife Refuge
Stephen F. Austin State Park - Seely / Waller
TAMU rec center climbing wall
USS Lexington - night aboard
Waco Riverside canoeing