Sep 22-24 Lost Maples (booked, 4.5 hr drive)
Oct 20-22 Webelo Woods at Camp Arrowmoon (30 min drive)
Nov 17-19 Bastrop North Shore. Hiking at nearby McKinney (booked, 1 hr drive)
Dec 15-17 Waco day-trip and museum tour

Jan 13-14 Pedernales (booked, 2.5 hr drive)
Jan 30 Court of Honor. Moved to Mar 6
Feb 10-11 Dinosaur Valley (booked, 2.75 hr drive)
Mar 6 Court of Honor.
Mar 23-24 9-11 Caddo Lake (booked, 4 hr drive). TBD. Construction closed until June.
    Different dates to avoid university spring break.

    Camp Arrowmoon with ILST (introduction to leadership skills training)
Apr 6-8 Camporee at Camp Arrowmoon (30 min drive)
Apr 17 Troop Elections, advancement assessment, advancement work
Apr 24 New scouts attending, advancement, parent and scout orientation, gear assessment and availability
May 1 ILST (Introduction to Leadership Skills) training for youth -- applicable to adults too
May 8 Campout planning, archery review/advancement
May 11-12 Camp Beauvais: overnight Fri, Saturday archery, get home.
    Beauvais facilities are booked for range master training.
    Austin Colony facility was vandalized and is not yet repaired.
    Plan is to meet at Mays property with the archery gear we collectively own.
May 15 IOLS, advancement
May 18-20 Mustang Island (not booked, 5 hr drive) -- re-worked at Apr 10, 2018 PLC -- moved to 11-12 Beauvais, Houston
May 22 Annual planning meeting - bring your calendars
May 29 Court of Honor
Jun ??
Jul 22-28 Camp Alexander, Colorado (18 hr driving)

Jul 22 - Aug 3 Philmont Trek