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Scout Roles & Responsibilities

Scribe.  Keeps track of attendance at meetings, at flags and other fund-raising activities, and on campouts.  Is the first stop for rank advancement; has the Advancement Request forms.  Keeps Troop roster updated.  Receives contact information for new scouts from Troop Guide.  If absent, pre-appoints another scout to manage his responsibilities.

Historian.  Takes photographs and writes reports of all troop activities, including campouts.  Submits reports and photos to WebMaster.  If absent, pre-appoints another scout to manage his responsibilities.

Guide. Star Scout or better. Meets and introduces all new scouts at meetings.  Maintains contact with new scouts, personally inviting them to troop activities until new scout has settled in.  Reviews advancement requirements with the scouts under 1st Class individually prior to his Scoutmaster Conference.  Leads the Webelos at Webelos Woods.   If absent, pre-appoints another scout to manage his responsibilities.

Librarian.  Maintains a list of all merit badge books and other materials.  Ensures that all materials that are checked out are attributed to a specific scout, including name and phone number by recording the information on list kept in the Scout Closet.  Limits check-out time to 2 weeks.  Follows up with scouts who keep materials past due date.  If absent, pre-appoints another scout to manage his responsibilities.

Chaplain’s Aid.  Works with the morale of the scouts; assists in conflict resolution with the Scoutmaster & Assistant Scoutmaster.  Provides the devotional at the end of campouts and at Courts of Honor, unless other arrangements have been made.  Provides information for scouts interested in earning God & Country.  If absent, pre-appoints another scout to manage his responsibilities.

Quartermaster. Inventory all Troop gear. Inventory all flags. Checks that each patrol has appropriate gear assigned prior to campout. Makes sure the 1st aid kit is stocked. In charge of ensuring Troop flags, 1st aid kit, fire buckets, and any other items needed for events are collected and transported. If absent, pre-appoints another scout to manage the responsibilities.

Patrol Leaders. 1st Class or better. Communicates all Patrol and Troop concerns to the Assistant Senior Patrol Leader and, in the case of his absence, the Senior Patrol Leader.  Communicates weekly with members of his patrol. Follows their advancement and assists them whenever possible.  Ensures that Patrol is outfitted for campouts regardless of personal ability to attend.   Promotes the advancement of the younger scouts; a Patrol Leader’s success is solely based upon the success his scouts.  Notifies the patrol of upcoming events. Can plan individual activities for the Patrol aside from Troop activities.  Contacts the Troop Guide to review if a scout (under 1st Class) is ready for advancement.  Prepares all scouts for Scoutmaster’s Conference and Board of Review.  Checks and logs each Scout’s progress weekly.

Web Master. Assist in maintaining current calendar, activity, contact information on the Troop web site. Ability to obtain and maintain a Gmail account required for current technology selections.

Change Log
2020 Apr 5 df Add Web Master.
2013 Feb. Established initial text based on BSA guidelines.