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Bead Strings

Troop 1300 wears a bead string as a living symbol of the Scout's camping experiences. Each bead has a specific meaning.  See below.
The bead string for a seasoned scout contains the kernels for many stories.
Blue. Been there. Done that.
Yellow.  Hiked 5 miles.
Orange. Hiked 5 miles wearing a backpack.
Black. Almost died.
Dark Brown. Endured extreme muddy conditions.
Army Green. Former SPL, now member of Leadership Corps.
Maroon. Lost some blood. More than just a scratch or scrape as judged by ranking adult.
Light Brown. GI (gastro-intestinal) distress.
Medium Green. Good turn--job well-done.
Ivory. Hiked 50 miles. Can be earned by exchanging 10 yellow beads.
White. Camped 2 nights in below freezing weather.
Red. Hot weather. Camped for more than 2 days in temperatures above 105 F.
Light Blue. Rained on to the point of soaking wet for more than 1 day.
Clear. Hailed on. OR Clearly above and beyond.
Gold. Awarded to someone who has done an outstanding job for the Troop. Rarely distributed.
Pink Heart. Drama Queen Award. Scout whose attitude reflects less of Troop 1300 Spirit and more of an Aging Pop Music Princess.
Black Rubber Grommet. Bike trip been there, done that.